Live! From The Coug! (Episode 206)

We're in Pullman. So we made an episode at our favorite spot.

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Greetings from Pullman! With a day to kill in between basketball games — we’re here to watch the women play against Arizona today — we decided to go kick it at The Coug on Saturday and watch the men take on Cal with friends.

And then we figured … heck, why not bring the gear and record a show?

The basketball game didn’t go the way we planned, but being in God’s Country with some of our favorite folks — including our special guest, Cougfan’s Jamey Vinnick — lifted our spirits significantly!

(apologies for picture link to the episode - beehiiv doesn’t allow us to embed our podcast player)

Topics of discussion

  • Men’s basketball: Losing to Cal on the road is hardly a killer for NCAA tournament chances, but that doesn’t discount what a shitty loss it was — when you have a 95% win probability, you definitely don’t want to be one of the 5 out of 100 that goes badly. We break down how it all went wrong.

  • Beer: Everyone — Frenz Giving (Bale Breaker, et al.).

  • Women’s basketball: The Cougs beat up on Arizona State with an 18-0 run to start the game and sorta cruised from there.

  • Favorite memories: When we have a special guest, we love hearing about their memories as a Coug. Jamey doesn’t disappoint.


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