BEST. WEEK. EVER?!? (Episode 205)

WSU did an incredible amount of winning both on and off the court.

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Let’s be honest with ourselves: Washington State University athletics have taken a lot of L’s since August, starting with the disintegration of the Pac-12. Sure, there was that hot start from football, volleyball, and soccer, but each of them fell apart in their own ways, and all the while, we had to listen to our non-Coug friends tell us what a shame they thought it was that we were in this position, all the while supporting a team that was off to a safe landing spot.

Which is why this past week has been so incredibly satisfying, with WSU stacking W after W after W both on and off the field.

Since last week’s episode — which came on the heels of UW’s loss to Michigan in the CFP championship and WSU’s men’s basketball win over USC a couple of days later — Washington has lost its football coach, the Cougs beat No. 8 Arizona in men’s basketball, the women beat UW at Hec Ed, the Huskies hired a marginally successful coach away from Arizona to fill its vacancy, and player after player announced their intentions to depart UW’s football program.

We had a hard time remembering a more fun and satisfying week than this one.

Relive it with us:

Topics of discussion

  • Men’s basketball: The win over Arizona obviously was impressive in its own right, but probably the most impressive aspect was how the Cougs did it: By playing bully ball up front with their superior front line. Let’s assess what it means for their NCAA tournament chances.

  • Women’s basketball: We were at Hec Ed on Sunday to watch the Cougs dispatch the Huskies. WSU is trending in the right direction in the toughest conference in the country.

  • Beer: Jeff — Imperialis (Avery); Craig — Aurelian Lure (Jester King).

  • Laughing at UW: Because it’s just too much fun, we have some joke at the expense of the Huskies and revel in the state of their roster, which is currently in disarray.


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