Is there still a path to the NCAAs for WSU?

Sure, it’s bleak. But is a big winning streak really off the table?

This men’s basketball season hasn’t exactly gone to plan for Washington State, and after following up a momentous win over Arizona on the road with a home sweep of Cal and Stanford, the Cougs headed out on the road and came back with a pair of losses to Utah and Colorado.

That’s not unusual, of course — that road trip has always been terribly difficult. But the Cougs are running out of runway to potentially change their postseason fortunes, and a win over Utah or Colorado would have helped.

Still: There’s a path. It’s going to require a lot of winning, and winning hard games, but there is a path.

Maybe you think the odds of the winning required are something approximating zero, but the Cougs have three Quad 1 games coming up in the next two weeks, and they’ve already beaten two of the teams. Is it really that crazy to think the Cougs might go on a big winning streak?

Additionally: Women’s basketball had an equally rough weekend without their superstar, Charlisse Leger-Walker. Will it hamper their run at a third consecutive NCAA tournament?

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