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Podcast: Ol' Crimson Legendary Lager is about to change the game (Episode 218)

Just how lucrative could this be for WSU's NIL collective?

It’s no secret that raising NIL funds is a real challenge for WSU. It’s also no secret that the Cougar Collective has been fighting the good fight, doing what it can to help the school be competitive on that front.

But this week, the game changes:

Every purchase of Ol’ Crimson Legendary Lager sends cash to the Cougar Collective. How lucrative could it be? Will it move the needle?

We think it will. And that’s where we start this week’s episode:

Other topics of discussion

  • Crimson and Gray Game: With the spring scrimmage in the books, we look back at what we can take away from it. The running backs were really impressive.

  • Men’s hoops: David Riley added Rihards Vavers, a transfer from Quinnipiac. He’s an interesting piece, and yet there is still so much to do.

  • Beer: Jeff — Export Lager (Gold Dot); Craig — No Chains (The Crimson Brewery).


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