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  • Podcast: Kyle Smith and Pat Chun are out; what's next for WSU? (Episode 215)

Podcast: Kyle Smith and Pat Chun are out; what's next for WSU? (Episode 215)

Plus, looking back at the NCAA Tournament games

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This last week has been the longest month of our lives. For real.

The last time we recorded a show, the Cougs had just been selected as a No. 7 seed in the NCAA tournament. Since then …

  • WSU beat Drake in the first round.

  • WSU lost to Iowa State in the second round.

  • Kyle Smith left for Stanford.

  • Pat Chun left for UW.

What. The. Hell.

We try to make sense of it all, which — to be honest — took us on quite the journey:

Topics of discussion

  • Kyle Smith: He’s no longer our coach, but we still appreciate what he did so much. Who might replace him?

  • Pat Chun: What the hell is he thinking?

  • Beer: Jeff — Tough Love 2021 (Crux); Craig — Backwards In Heels (Fast Fashion).

  • NCAA tournament: We didn’t want the news of folks leaving us to steal all our joy, so we went back to the two games in Omaha and broke them down. The win over Drake exemplified everything we came to love about this squad, while the loss to Iowa State was a bummer, mostly because the Cougs gave the Cyclones a pretty good swing — but just couldn’t hit enough shots.

  • WBIT: The women’s basketball team is still playing! They’ll take on Toledo in the tournament quarterfinals on Thursday night for their final game in Beasley.


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