Podcast: THE COUGS ARE DANCING!!! (Episode 214)

WSU is off to Omaha as a No. 7 seed.

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Myles Rice (Photo by Ashley Davis/CougCenter.com)


Like you, we can hardly contain our excitement — and that meant grabbing our microphones and recording a Selection Sunday show to celebrate the Cougs’ inclusion as a No. 7 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

It’s a long show, but that’s how it goes when your team hasn’t participated in March Madness in 16 years. WSU’s opponent is the No. 10 seed Drake Bulldogs out of the Missouri Valley Conference.

The Bulldogs are and interesting and intriguing mid-major matchup. We agree that we’re glad the Cougs are playing a mid-major and not a high major, but WSU cannot take them lightly — the Bulldogs might not have elite athletes, but they most certainly have weapons that can hurt the Cougs if they’re not on their game.

Let’s dive right in:

Topics of discussion

  • Men’s basketball: Top of mind for the Cougs will be how to defend Tucker DeVries, who is an exceptional scorer. Top of mind for Drake will be keeping the Cougs off the offensive glass. Can WSU rein in their turnovers? And we take a very brief look at what Iowa State might hold in the next round if WSU can get past Drake.

  • Women’s basketball: The Cougs were left out of the field. Pain. But they’re playing in the WBIT which is cool, we guess?.

  • Beer: Jeff — A Seed To Blackened Acres (Holy Mountain); Craig — Beyond Spacetime, Beyond Self (Holy Mountain).


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