Podcast: Apple Cup ticket prices are INSANE (Episode 219)

There seems to have been a miscalculation of demand here.

This is a pretty slow time of year for talking about WSU athletics, and sometimes it can be tough to find things to talk about. But then, the podcast gods delivered us a gift on Monday morning.

Apple Cup tickets went on sale for season ticket holders. And hooooooo boy are the prices something to behold:

The cheapest, “get in the door” ticket is $94 (plus, we presume, fees). The most expensive ticket — in the club seating between the 40s — is $424+. There also are 12(!!) pricing levels in between those two extremes.

That seems, uh, ambitious on the part of the game promoters.

The sticker shock on Twitter led to a whole lot of “nah, I’m good” responses. Twitter isn’t necessarily representative of all fans, but it is a segment of the school’s most passionate ones, and it can’t be a great sign that the demand at these price points was lukewarm, at best.

Did the game organizers overestimate demand? We think so. Let’s discuss:

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Other topics of discussion

  • Men’s hoops: The Cougs landed transfer ND Okafor from Cal, a big, athletic frontcourt player. While his addition doesn’t move the needle much on projections, he fills an important need. And taking a flyer on a guy with high-major athleticism isn’t the worst idea at this point.

  • Beer: Jeff — In Circles (Structures); Craig — Big Bird (Trillium).


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