Our favorite Mike Leach memories

The former WSU coach left us with a lot of wins and a lot of good stories. Podcast Vs. Everyone celebrates his life.

Former Washington State football coach Mike Leach, who died on Tuesday, was so many things to so many of us. Many people remember him as an entertaining story teller, while others remember him as a football innovator.

Us? While we’ll also remember him for those things, we’ll remember him most fondly for bringing football excellence back to the Palouse at the program’s lowest point.

Come along with us on Podcast Vs. Everyone as we relive many of our favorite Leach memories — including at least one story you surely haven’t heard before:


  • Let’s break down the upcoming LA Bowl — and make a couple of game predictions.

  • Men’s basketball had a rough go against UNLV, and now faces a stiffer test against Baylor.

  • Women’s basketball couldn’t get it done against the Huskies. Booooo.

You’ll probably hate our show. We don’t care. We also use naughty words from time to time. You’ve been warned.

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