Podcast: Fired up about David Riley (Episode 216)

The Cougs' new men's basketball coach is making a great first impression.

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The last two weeks have felt like two months in the world of Washington State Cougars men’s basketball, but late last week, we finally were introduced to the program’s new coach: David Riley.

The more we dig into Riley — and the more we hear from him — the more impressed we are with him, and the more excited we are about what he might be able to do in Pullman.

This episode was a fun one for us, as it’s one the rare occasions we were able to record at the same location — this time, at Beer Star in Tacoma after watching the NCAA championship. Let’s get excited about the future of Cougar basketball:

Topics of discussion

  • NCAA Championship: Purdue kept it interesting for about 10 minutes, but the Death Star that is UConn did what it does to the Boilermakers. What makes the Huskies so good?

  • WSU men’s hoops: Initial impressions of Riley and some thoughts about what might be in store for the roster.

  • Beer: Craig — Rice Lager (Gold Dot).

  • WSU women’s hoops: The Cougs crash landed in the semis of the WBIT, but it was a fun ride along the way.


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