This time, would bad weather actually favor WSU in the Apple Cup?

We talk about that — and more — on Podcast Vs. Everyone.

With Saturday’s Apple Cup between Washington State and Washington being selected for the 7:30 p.m. PT kickoff on ESPN, weather will undeniably be some kind of factor in the game.

How much of a factor is a bit up in the air. Right now, our handy-dandy Apple weather app is showing the “feels like” temperature at kickoff as 29 degrees, with it sinking to 27 or 26 over the course of the game. Might it snow? As of right now, it looks like no — currently, that’s not supposed to happen until mid-morning on Sunday.

But we all know that weather can change. And it wouldn’t take much for the timeline to move up into Saturday night.

It will at least be cold. And it might snow. How will the weather affect the two teams? Who will have the advantage? We discuss on our latest episode:


  • We have some very, uh, personal thoughts on the win over Arizona and Jayden de Laura;

  • What WSU basketball’s win over Eastern Washington might tell us about the team;

  • Women’s basketball is off to a great start;

  • And volleyball is surging.

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